Tinctoria: Ethereal Creatures

Our first complete silk collection
Tinctoria in Latin means "used as a dye". Many of the plants we use in our studio in order to naturally dye our fabrics and create clothing, have the word "tinctoria" in them. For example, madder roots which we use to create red, pink and orange is called Rubia Tinctoria in Latin. "Ethereal Creatures" because we want the women that wear our clothes to feel elegant but at the same time comfortable. Our new collection includes silk dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and kimonos. They can all be worn in different ways, from all ages and all body types. All the clothes are made from 100% Greek Silk, and they are all naturally dyed by hand with plants. Each piece is unique and no one will have the same one, due to the process.


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